There are a number of ways to give money to the church. If you feel you would like to give regularly then please speak to John Chadwick (Treasurer), Tina Parsons (Assistant Treasurer) or Kat Bracewell (Minister).
It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35

The weekly Offering:
The Offering is taken during the Sunday morning service.  There is no requirement for anybody at the service to give.   Many allow the plate to pass them by because they are participating in other giving schemes.  In order to make your offering most tax efficient, we encourage people to use the envelope scheme (see below).

Standing Order:
This is our preferred method of giving because it is simple to administer and allows you to let your bank deal with the administration of your giving. Simply set up a standing order with your bank for the amount you wish to regularly give, specify the regularity and day on which the payment should be made and everything is arranged. 
Click here to download a Standing Order form.
If you are a UK tax payer, please also complete a gift-aid declaration which means we can make your financial gift tax efficient (see below).

Click here to download a Gift Aid form. 

The Envelope Scheme:
This is an organised scheme where by you become a registered but anonymous giver.  You will be issued with a supply of small envelopes with your own personal registration number stamped on it.  Simply place your giving (cash or cheque) into the envelope, seal it, and place this into the Offering bag when it is circulated during morning worship.  If you are a UK tax payer, please also complete a gift-aid declaration which means we can make your financial gift tax efficient (see below). Please make cheques payable to 'New Road Baptist Church'.

One-off finacial donation:
You may feel more comfortable making a one-off financial donation - this can either be discussed with the minister or made anonymously. 

Legacy - remembering New Road Baptist Church in your Will:
Leaving a legacy is a trully fantastic way of providing financial help to the work of the church.
If this is something which you are contemplating, may we thank you greatly, in advance!

BACS payments:
You might be intereseted to know that you can make payments electronically from your bank account into the New Road Baptist Church bank account. The information you require to set this up online is:

Bank: xxxx      Sort Code: xx-xx-xx  
Account Number: xxxxxxxxxx

Whichever way you choose, we are extremely grateful - why not ensure you Gift Aid it?



Tax efficifiency:
Thank you for all your financial support - if you are a tax payer Click here to download a Gift Aid form. By completing and returning this form, we can increase your financial gift by further 25% by reclaiming the tax from the Inland Revenue.  This one declaration is effective for the whole time you are a UK tax payer.  If you stop paying tax you will need to notify us.