Spring Harvest 2013

This Easter my mum and I headed off to Butlin’s Minehead resort to spend 6 days exploring this year’s theme at Spring Harvest – The Source.  Morning bible studies led by Gerard Kelly looked at 1 John.  Afternoon seminars helped ‘equip the Church for action’ through a diverse collection of topics.  Evening worship, led by Chris McClarney was followed by a sermon delivered by various speakers following a running theme of “Jesus is… therefore we should be…” with each night focussing on a different adjective - these were Loving, Hopeful, Courageous, Passionate, Merciful and Visionary.  After Hours featured offerings from the Saltmine Theatre Company, live music, readings by authors such as Adrian Plass, and every night comedian Tim Vine delivered a fantastic show.

Here is a brief look at the four stages of the theme that we explored through the week in the practical sessions that followed the daily Bible study.

Jesus is The Source.  Today we explored what Jesus said about Himself, His works and what it means for our world that Jesus is the saviour.  Among other things we explored the actual words and work of Jesus and compared them with our contemporary understanding of the good news.

The second stage looked at how we can be active followers of the Jesus we see in the gospels in our everyday lives.  What does His life tell us about who we are and how does His life challenge us to live where we are – at home, work, in our wider communities and even globally.

Say was the next stage – what does it sound like to be a ‘good news’ person?  When friends and colleagues ask us what we believe about Jesus many find it difficult.  Today we shared way of communicating our personal faith with others as well as looking at what the church says to the non-believers in our communities.

The final stage brought together most of the week’s thoughts and focussed on what we do as followers of Jesus.  How can we put light, life and love into our actions in our personal, local and global lives?  One charity that featured during the week, XL-Mentoring, struck a chord with me with the work they do, using church members to mentor those pupils on the fringes of their societies, close to being expelled from school.  A thought occurred to me on this day – might this be another way for our church community to help bring peace to our city?

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